Cycle Infrastructure (Again)

Sorry. This blog’s supposed to be real Girl’s Own Adventure, picnic blanket and ginger beer stuff, instead of a constant litany of “really, TfL, are you deliberately trying to kill us?”

This is another “really, TfL, are you deliberately trying to kill us?” post.

See this image, taken from the Transport for London website. The red markings are a lorry’s blind spots (I have rotated it so it makes a bit more sense).

Lorry blind spots

Lorry blind spots

Now see this image from the latest edition of the Highway code, showing a fairly typical cycle lane and Advanced Stop Lane for cyclists at a major junction.

Does anyone else see the problem here? The lorry’s left and front blind-spots are almost identical in shape to a cycle lane and ASL.

Typical cycle infrastructure guides vulnerable road users to the most dangerous place for them possibly to be while waiting at a junction.

Leaving aside the issue of why we allow vehicles on busy city roads when the driver’s vision is impaired to such an extent as in the blind spot diagram above, I really would like to know why cycle infrastructure is constructed to be deliberately dangerous.


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2 Responses to Cycle Infrastructure (Again)

  1. Bassjunkieuk

    It’s a cunning ploy to eradicate us cyclists 😉 I’ve caught on camera plenty of silly cyclists putting themselves in danger around HGVs and at some points even riding ROUND me, having stopped at a safe point behind the rear of the vehicle, to queue up ALONGSIDE it.

    As you say it is rather worrying, after all a smattering of blue paint offers no protection from 10 tons of metal and a dozen wheels….

  2. naath

    Inspite of having the smarts to never ever ever pull up beside a large vehicle… I frequently end up in the stupid stuck-next-to-large-bus place anyway. How? Because the freeking bus overtakes and sits next to me (in the ASB). Bus drivers clearly want to kill me.

    There are squillions of regs about designing cars etc. so that they are safe to be INSIDE – why are there not more regs about designing them so that they are safe to be OUTSIDE. Lorries clearly need better mirrors etc. so the drivers can SEE all the cyclists, pedestrians, etc. they are about to squish.