On Gratitude

Well, 19 months sober today. Well done me. And it’s Christmas Eve, so I thought I’d list some things I’m grateful for.

  • Making the decision to stop in the first place.
  • How easy the whole process has been.
  • Stopping when I did. I am sure that if I had kept drinking at the level I did, I would be quite ill by now. I would certainly be poorer and more unhappy.
  • My dad, who, when I announced I wasn’t drinking any more, pivoted seamlessly to buying my favourite kombucha by the case.
  • Having the courage, after last year’s work Christmas party, to tell the organiser that the alcohol-free options were a bit shit and could we have some better ones next time please? (I was a bit more polite than that). There was a marked improvement in the drinks available at the summer party.
  • Club Soda, and the ever-increasing availability of alcohol-free drinks in the supermarket.
  • I’ve never had to negotiate anyone saying “oh, just one, go on, it’s Christmas!” or impertinent questions about why I stopped.
  • The money I’ve saved.
  • Last but not least, my patient and long-suffering partner, who has put up with me working stuff out as I’ve learned how to live without pouring alcohol on my problems, ranting about shitty alcohol-free drink options, and keeps the fridge stocked with Lucky Saint.

If this is your first alcohol-free Christmas, I’m sending you strength and hope, and if anyone asks why you’re not drinking, look them dead in the eye and tell them you’re doing Dry July.


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  1. A good friend just announced yesterday he has embarked upon the 12 Steps. I just sent him this.