On treats

When I stopped drinking, I found, not surprisingly, that I was saving a fair bit of cash. £10 a bottle doesn’t half add up.

I repurposed some of that money for an “alcohol-free drinks” budget category, and some to a “sober rewards” budget category to mark milestones.

I bought myself treats. Little ones, like a gold star badge from doodles by Ben for day one, a monthly delivery of the fancy chocolates because why not, but my ultimate goal was a new sewing machine, and a couple of weeks after my one year anniversary, the nice DPD man brought me this, without even once grumbling about having to carry it up the stairs.

The box of my Janome Memory Craft 9450

I have not been anywhere near as extravagant in the last seven months, but I firmly believe that treats, rewards, distractions, whatever you want to call them, are important. I still get the fancy chocolates delivered. I make sure that I have a fridge that’s well stocked with drinks I like. There are days when learning how to live without pouring alcohol over everything is hard, dammit, and if you do a hard thing you deserve a reward. So buy the fancy chocolates. Have a bath with candles and music and a book. Sack off the cooking and slummock on the sofa in front of David Attenborough and a meal you had delivered. Explore the non-alcoholic drinks space and the interesting stuff that’s happening there. Experiment. Enjoy. Have fun.

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